Sunday, August 15, 2010

Supreme Mustang Makeover

The richest wild horse competition in history came to Fort Worth, TX, on August 13-14, 2010!

The $100,000 purse was offered to more than 100 trainers with over 100 mustangs willing to accept the challenge of competing in the Supreme Mustang Makeover.
The Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover is the sister competition to the highly successful Extreme Mustang Makeover first held in 2007. Unlike the Extreme Mustang Makeover, where trained horses are made available to the public for adoption after the event, adoption of the competition horses was required prior to the event.

"Another big difference was that this group of mustangs were older, at six years old, than the usual three to four years old we work with," said Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) Executive Director Patti Colbert. "Older horses are generally harder to adopt and are usually headed for long-term holding at this age, so the Supreme Extreme was created to add value to those older horses."
The trainers were required to ride the horse through a series of obstacles and complete basic maneuvers, such as a walk, trot and lope, stop and back, and also compete in a horsemanship and trail riding component, and show cow work. The top twenty finalists competed in a freestyle competition to determine the winner.

The winner was Teryn Muench II of Marfa, Texas.

To watch his video please follow this link:!

The cattle that were used for the competition

Teryn took home a check for $50,000! Teryn II is pictured with his father, Teryn I.

A contestant shows in the trail class.

Mr. Dale Lively loping Tres the mustang.

 Check out more of Mr. Dale's training exploits at "Dale Lively's Nauvoo Ranch".

Mr. Dale is a frequent competitor for the EMMs and an accomplished horseman.

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