Thursday, August 12, 2010

EMM yearling edition rules

The preparation for the EMM is coming well, Rachel is extremely excited about the yearling EMM, and I can't wait for the futurity (or the guidelines on the futurity for that matter). I thought I'd share the rules of the yearling competition so you'd have more of an idea of what Rachel is preparing for.

In Extreme Mustang Makeover the contestants will be judged in four different classes: handling, conditioning, showmanship, and a in-hand obstacle course.

Handling: The contestant will release the horse and then be expected to catch it again. Judging will be based on the mustangs behavior, and responsiveness, and technique, as well as the handlers showmanship.

Conditioning: They will be judged on the mustang's weight, muscling, coat, and overall appearance.

Showmanship: A showmanship pattern where the mustang is shown by the youth. The maneuvers may include walk, trot, back, pivot left and right, and stand quietly for the judges' inspection.

In Hand Obstacle Course: This is like a practicality test to show the people who are considering adopting the yearlings where the horse's training is. The horses complete basic maneuvers and obstacles that may include walking over logs, lounge line work, back through a simple chute, pick up all four feet, brush horse, and load and unload from a trailer, as well as navigating around cones, and spray bottles.

A serpentine cone pattern in the obstacle course at a trot.

The ten mustangs with the highest scores will return for the freestyle finals to showcase their horses special talents, although there will be required maneuvers that must be included in this.

Madi hooping on her 'bronc' from the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Fort Collins, Colorado June 2010 in the Freestyle. (This was not in the youth division but I thought it illustrated the point anyway. =] )

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