Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mustang Heritage's Youth Employment Program

One of the reasons I have this blog is because it's part of my job (the other reason is for the joy of doing it XD). Even though my employment period with the the Mustang Heritage's Youth Employment Program is about to come to a close, I will keep posting updates.

Here's what Mustang Heritage says about the YEP:

youth employment program
  • $500 salary available for all positions!
  • Youth and young adults ages 15-24
  • 12-week, work-from-home opportunities
  • Tasks include researching the history, plight and current issues surrounding the American Mustang and then sharing this knowledge with others through social networking, press releases and community presentations.
  • For more details regarding specific positions and/or duties download the Opportunities & Expectations document
  • To apply for a position download, complete and submit the YEP Application.

Or visit their website:

The great thing about the YEP is that even if you're not training a mustang they pair you with someone who is so you still get a realistic idea of the process. And you get to do it at your own pace (at least on a weekly basis) and most of it you can do from home (assuming you aren't training a mustang). Naturally I highly recommend it!