Friday, August 27, 2010

Beginning Trick riding

I've always wanted to learn how to trick ride and when Allegro matures and grows some more (I'm think when he's around 5 years old) I'll see if I can get a trick riding deal going with him. I just started practicing with other horses. I have not yet tried with Allegro because I don't think he would be able to handle the weight distribution. He only barely old enough to ride as it is.

Here are some photos of me practicing on my sisters horse!

I don't have an actual trick saddle (they're expensive!) but this pleasure saddle seems to be working well for the moment. These pictures are only done on a standing horse although I did try to do some of them and other moves on a horse with some speed.
I found with a different saddle with a lower pommel I could leverage my leg so that my left leg didn't have to be in the stirrup but I couldn't close my knee enough around this one to do that.

This is my favorite move so far. For a dismount I let my leg continue over my head and flip upright letting go of the saddle.

Again I don't really know anything about trick riding I was just going with what seemed to come easy and balance well. Hope you like the pictures!

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  1. Poor Max... he has to put up with so much! xD

    Yay for not face-planting!