Thursday, July 15, 2010

First look at the yearlings

We visited the Mustang pen where the Pickup will be for the Mustang Makeover in TN. Here are the pictures and my thoughts on it!

Most of the horses were bays, sorrels, blacks, or duns. I didn't see any palominos, roans, whites, paints in the yearlings. In a way that's a good thing. When it comes to the auction the colored ones almost always go for more than their brown counterparts, also in the ring it just makes it more equal since no one will have the "flashy horse".

These mustangs also looked in good weight and health, and most of them were pretty nicely put together too. I only saw a couple I wouldn't want to draw. They were also bigger than when I did it too. Some of them were as big as Allegro is now, and they are yearlings. Maybe they had more draft influence? They were fairly stocky.

I'm not kidding when I say we petted them. -_- This is the sort of mustang you see in the freakin' movies. You know the ones that walk up to you and want to be loved on and give you kisses? We found them-- they're here! This by the way is my sister loving on number--I think  it's 6109. That's a pretty nice head on that mustang. Hey if the person who draws this mustang reads this be sure to tell me!
Me and number 1567.

The herd moved up instantly to say hi to us. Most friendly mustangs I've seen so far! Allegro is friendly now but heck you weren't getting close to him then!

It looks like this batch is made of cupcakes (I bet just because I said that tomorrow they are all going to act like the crazy wild animals they really are.)

The pick up is tomorrow. I can't wait to see what we drew!

PS  This was really not open to the public yet.  We had to sweet talk our way past the guard.......

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