Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 2 (Flashback to 2009)

O_o Hope I have not completely confused anyone by switching back between the yearling challenge last year with Allegro and this years yearling challenge (which I am not in). I'm going to label last years from no on "Flashback". Hope that will clear it up.

I seem to have a lot of pictures of just desensitizing. But I assure you that's not all that happened. I just don't have pictures. I would love to have pictures of when Allegro jumped the fence and ran for it on day 2, or when he got away from Rachel and slid under a golf cart, or when he kicked me in the knee at TN and ran into the crowds stands. But I don't. :/ Use your imaginations!

This is kind of a neat picture since Rachel and I are both in it. That's Rachel working on Cohn's mustang in the background.

Mr. Cohn and Rachel.


  1. A wonderful blog, with beautiful pictures! This photo has a great composition!