Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sponsorship by Purina

Three Mustangs competing in the Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Extreme Mustang Makeover have been chosen to take part in the Purina Mustang Challenge to show how the proper nutrition in Purina feeds can transform a horse in three months. Two of them are Cohn Livingston and my sister Rachel.

They'll be be given free feed up till the competition in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Extreme Mustang Makeover on October 21-23 at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University.

"Purina has a long history of providing superior nutrition to equine athletes," said Patti Colbert, Mustang Heritage Foundation's executive director. "Many of America's Mustangs are removed from the wild each year due to lack of food and water sources so their body conditions sometimes reflect this. We appreciate Purina sponsoring this challenge to show how proper nutrition can improve the health and well-being of Mustangs."

About Land O'Lakes Purina Feed LLCLand O'Lakes Purina Feed LLC ( is a national organization serving producers and their families through 4,700 local cooperatives and independent dealerships throughout the United States. The company, in combination with its wholly owned subsidiary Purina Mills, LLC, is North America's leading feed company, providing producers, cooperatives and dealers with an extensive line of animal feed, ingredients and services designed . For more information on Purina horse feeds, log on to or

Here's where I got some of the info for this post if you want to go and read the full article by Jennifer K. Hancock:

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