Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doc livingston stables

I thought I'd start at the beginning today about how I got involved with mustangs in the first place. I heard about it first from the barn we're at, Doc Livingston Farm and Stables, when Cohn Livingston competed in the 2009 Gatorland Extreme Mustang Makeover competition. He placed in the top ten. Speed ahead a few months. Again he signs up to do an Extreme Mustang competition, and sees that there's a youth competition running simultaneously. He tells some youths about it and invites them to use his facilities while guiding them and mentoring them in the gentle art of mustang training. You see, you have to actually have the right facilities to have a mustang on them, which we don't at our house. Can't keep a mustang on electric rope three strand fence when they've never seen it before and are completely wild, the horse would run through it the moment you let it out of the trailer!

Everyone else dropped out. I ended up being the only person from all of MS if I recall to compete. Also let me stress if you've never halter broken a horse before, much less worked with mustangs, you really need to have someone else there to help you herd the animal around after getting it.

Just getting it out of the trailer is a feat, much less catching the thing without getting killed.

Ahem, to prove my point: On day 2 of the challenge Allegro jumped the 6 foot fence and took off to the pasture behind it. Yeah you heard me. He jumped the 6 foot fence and ran off. We weren't there at the time but Cohn was there working his horse in the round pen, and he actually got to see him jump off.

We got a call seconds later saying that my horse had escaped. Insert us speeding frantically to get there. By the time we got there the entire barn had mobilized into trapping my horse into the horse trailer. This time we weren't going to be so... eh trusting of him since he'd proven he could jump like a rabbit on steroids. And he was a YEARLING too. I mean it wasn't like he was even a full grown horse jumping it.

He got halter broken that day.

But you see I maybe wouldn't have had a horse if it hadn't have been for the Livingstons, and I certainly never would have even heard of the mustang challenge.  And I definitely wouldn't have won without Cohn and Brandee's guidance.

Here's a link to the barn's website:


And here is a link to mustang adoption tips.  Be sure to read Cohn's tips!


Cohn and Brandee Livingston

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